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    Seniors  Freebie :     Again, from our archives of problem solving ... 

         *  When moving and downsizing, often we are asked to move out pieces of furniture, no longer needed ... often to the dump or for donation

           *   We will come in and take pictures and list the saleable items online    * NO CHARGE *   for you.

         *   You will sell them ... and ... save the cost of us removing or disposing  of them .

         *   Alternatively, the following Charities will pick up most items to re sell and use the funds for their own programming in the Community 

                                                                            Salvation Army        Critteraid 


 Helpful Cleaning Tips :     A few tips for a couple of our most notable cleaning requests ... 

       *  How many times do we get asked to clean the grime from atop the kitchen cupboards ?    Simple solution ... once they

          have been cleaned, lay wax  paper down on the tops . Just change the wax paper next time.

        *  Clean the grime from the range hood ... Simple solution ... hard  boil a pot of water with vinegar and baking soda on 

           the stove top ... the grime wipes out quite  easily .

        *   Oven a mess ?  Leave a bowl of ammonia in it overnight and most will wipe out easily the next day.