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  Here's What our Clients Say...

   * Martyn fixed the corner downspout perfectly   Mike W.

   * Jesse was such a nice young man and I will want him again ... only him .    Rita O.

   * It must do Jesse's sould good to know that he is helping people and that he does such a good job and he has a great personality... Joanne P.

   * Martyn did a very nice job and is a very personable man ... Carol H

   * Leslee is a treasure !  She is like a kindred spirit.                                            Sybil H.
   * Jordan is such a hard working young man, you can tell a lot about a young person by how they speak to adults !   Sharon N.
   * Mike did  such a good job...he is so punctual and considerate.         Elizabeth H.
   * Wyler did a really good job, he sure can pack things in well.     Pat S.
   * Thank you Karen for an exceptional job.                                                      Bernice H.
   * Thank you for sending Dolly...she's a breath of fresh air !        Connie K.
  *  Thank you for your professionalism and I appreciate how you kept in communication with me.      Penny M.
   * Karen I totally trust and respect you .                      Jacki W.
   * Jordan is the best that you have sent me. Young people should be encouraged !    Rachel L
   * I knew Leslee was a fit for me as soon as we met !                     Dorothy P.
   * Thank you for your assistance this and Bob have been a godsend !                   Bernadine  J.
   * We hit paydirt when we found you ! I'm definitely keeping your number !!!                                    Bernadine J.
   * I enjoy going out with Ruth, we get so much done !                    Irene D.
   * The couple who drove us to Kelowna ( Connard and Deanna ) were very nice.  The timing worked out perfectly.     Clara T.
   * Bob did a really really good job !                     Heinz J.
   * We love Dolly ... she has become like family to us !!    Cathy D.
    * Allan was so obliging, he helped me with the back garden, then helped me put things away in the garage and took out those shelves and fixed the  
      rack in the bathroom.  I want him to come back again...    Rachel L.
  *  Thanks for your quick service (  Allan - 5 panel fence repair ) . It is a lifesaver for my psyche to have my privacy back !       Trudy H.
  *  Kaylan is a happy guy, he digs in and goes to work ... he's a nice young man !      Wallace
  *  He ( Corey ) did a nice job ... I love walking in the garden and having it clean with no more dead stuff ... Cecile B.
  *  The guys ( Corey and Kaylan ) did an awesome job,  ( cleaning pine needles off the hillside )  Irene W.
  *   Thank you for sending such a lovely young man, he was prompt, he was polite and he got the truck loaded quickly ... Bobbi ...Mozzy Lane Band
  *   Dave did a spectacular job of washing my next door neighbour's house down ... I want him to come and do mine ... I want specifically Dave ... Joan L.

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