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  OUR STORY ... 

   We are family.  We are all professional business people with differing degrees of experience running  businesses in Penticton. We discussed  venturing into  something together and very quickly came up with a unique business  model....TASKERS !!!    


    As this business model began to unfold, we realized that we had the ability to give many people in the Community   an  opportunity to earn extra income,

working  solely in areas of  their own gifts, talents and abilities.  Each TASKER  comes with their own skill set  and areas of expertise.  



 First hand experience showed us that when a spouse or loved one develops health setbacks or is hospitalized, an  additional workload is put on another.

For those who are single or widowed, we can do any type of  large or small job or jobs, in one call.... and NO, you do not have to be a senior !!



 For your assurance...our TASKERS are all registered to contract with us and range in age from youth to seniors. Each have a  particular skill set.

All TASKERS have had Criminal record checks and are bondable. Every job is guaranteed. We are licensed and  insured.

  Karen                                                 Jeannine                                            Andrea                                   Sadie - Office Assistant